Rhyd's Classic Diamond  

by Shauna's Diamond
out of Rhyd's Classic
Reg #AID 2369/F/0002

Registered by IDHSGB

          King of Diamonds
      Diamonds are Trump   RID • RID 547 
      RID • RID 711    Kildalton Countess
  Shauna's Diamond       RID • RID 10180 
          RID • RID A/987/M/0001        Pride of Shaunlara
  Shauna   RID • RID 636 
Rhyd's Classic Diamond   RID • RID 10240    Gloun Rose
      RID • 8887 
  Crofter's Realm    
      RID • A/049/M/0007    unknown
  Rhyd's Classic        
  SID • SID 1480/F/0001        unknown
      Lucky Friend    
      Thoroughbred    unknown