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Members-Only Forms: To access the members-only forms, please log in and then go to the Member Forms page under the Member Tools menu.


IDHSNA Membership Form [ IDHSNA Membership Form (updated 2015) ]

Utilize this form to apply for IDHSNA membership (January 1 - December 31).
New members - Return the signed and completed form with a check for the appropriate amount to: IDHSNA MSC; 4617 Store Lane; Stevensville, MT 59870. Or pay using our Make A Payment link and email this completed and signed form to Your membership can be processed when both the signed form and payment has been received.
Renewing Members - Submitting payment to renew Membership in the Society constitutes acceptance of the Society's Bylaws, Rules, and policies and procedures and does not require completion of this form.

IDHSNA Bylaws [ PDF Document ]

Please review these bylaws.

Farm Prefix Registration Application

Apply to register a prefix for your farm allowing exclusive use of this prefix on the names of horses you register. Application and policy is being updated. Check back or Contact Registrar & Member Services Coordinator for information.

Photo release form [ PDF Photo Release ]

The IDHSNA welcomes your submission of photos for use in the society photo bank.

Registration Forms

Purebred Registration Policy Document [ Purebred Registration Policy (PDF) ]

Detailed registration policy for purebred Irish Draughts - updated and approved November 21, 2017

Partbred Sport Horse Registration Policy [ PDF Document ]

detailed registration policy for partbred Irish Draught Sport Horses

Registration Application Packet [ Registration Application Packet (PDF) ]

This eight page document is the complete packet for registering a new horse with the Society. It includes microchipping application and information. It has been updated to include Certificate of Pedigree applications, and there is an updated Schedule of Fees. Updated February 2017.

Certificate of Pedigree information [ Certificate of Pedigree 2016 (PDF) ]

Any horse with verifiable, through DNA testing, Irish Draught Blood, and not eligible for registration as an Irish Draught Sport Horse, shall be eligible to apply for a Certificate of Pedigree. See PDF for details.

Microchipping Information [ Microchip Information (PDF) ]

Horse owner information on microchipping.

Microchip Application Form [ Microchip Application Form (PDF) ]

Marking Sheet Fillable Form for Registration Package [ Marking Sheet - Fillable Form ]

Pedigree Page [ Pedigree Page (PDF) ]

Transfer of Ownership Form [ Transfer of Ownership Form (PDF) ]

Use this form to record a change in ownership of any horse recorded with the IDHSNA.

Certificate of Castration [ Certificate of Castration (PDF) ]

Please use this form to record castration of horses registered with the IDHSNA. Official database and website records will not be changed until the Certificate of Castration has been recorded with the Registration Office.

Schedule Of Fees [ Schedule Of Fees (PDF) ]

Updated in 2017

DNA Form [ DNA Form (updated 2015) ]

Name Change Policy [ Name Change Policy (PDF) ]

Name change policy adopted 2016

Name Change Request [ Name Change Request (PDF) ]

Use this form to request a name change for a horse already registered with the IDHSNA.

Inspection Information

IDHSNA Inspection Application [ 2017 Inspection Application ]

The IDHSNA is beginning the process of scheduling horse inspections for the coming Fall.

IDHSNA Pre-Inspection Veterinary Screening Examination of Purebred Stallions [ IDHSNA Pre-Inspection Vet Exam ]

2017 Purebred Stallion X-ray Form [ 2017 Purebred Stallion X-Ray (PDF) ]

List of Stallion X-rays required for purebred Irish Draught pre-inspection veterinary examination. This report to be completed in full by the veterinarian.

Lunging and Endoscopic Form for Partbred / Sport Horses [ Lunging and Endoscopic Form for Partbred / Sport Horses (PDF) ]

This form will be used in conjunction with the registration and inspection process for partbred (sport horse) stallions. The lunging portion may be used for mares.

Merit Rules [ Merit Rules ]

Society Merchandise

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Click here to shop for IDHSNA merchandise online. Select from a wide range of merchandise sporting our very own IDHSNA logo. Proceeds from CafePress purchases go to the IDHSNA.


IDHSNA Advertising & Web Content Guidelines [ Advertising & Website Guidelines ]

Partial update (Web guidelines) 07-13-2017.

The Blarney Advertising Insert Order Form [ IDHSNA Advertising Order Form (PDF) ]

Please use this form when requesting inclusion in The Blarney magazine.


Year-End Awards Rules [ YEA Rules (PDF) ]

Year-End Awards Rules (updated 3/2016)
Contact information updated 10/2017

YEA Activity/results Reporting Form [ PDF Page ]

Year-End Awards Activity Reporting Form. Record your placings. Updated 3/2016

YEA Activity/results Reporting (excel) [ Excel spread sheet ]

You may download this Excel spread sheet if you have Excel and wish to fill in the form on your computer. (You must save it on your computer to use it...) Updated 3/2016

YEA Fox Hunting Form [ PDF Document ]

Updated 3/2016

YEA Alias Form [ YEA Alias Reporting Form (PDF) ]

Use this form to report the Registered Name and Competition Alias for participants in Year End Awards program.

Stallion Owners Breeding Reports

IDHSNA Stallion Breeding Report [ Stallion Breeding Report PDF ]

This report is used to advise the IDHSNA of your stallion's breeding activity for each breeding season [year]. It is a required filing for a stallion to remain in good standing. If no mares were covered, send in the form marked "No Covers". Information is PRIVATE and allows providing registration information to owners expecting foals the following year. Available as a fillable form (saves all that handwriting)...

Certificate of Covering [ Covering Certificate (PDF) ]

Use this form and create three copies: one for stallion owner, one to mare owner and one to IDHSNA Registration Office for recording. This certificate is required to show coverage and is used as a record of good standing.

Annual Show Forms

Annual Show Request for Proposal [ IDHSNA Annual Show Request for Proposal (PDF) ]

This detailed IDHSNA Annual Show Request for Proposal was revised and updated January 2015. Any IDHSNA Member may submit a bid to host and manage the IDHSNA Annual Show.

Nomination / Election Information

2018 IDHSNA Nomination Form [ 2018 IDHSNA Nomination Form ]

Irish Draught Conservation Status Reports

2007 RDS Irish Draught Horse Breed Conservation Final Report [ RDS-ICBF 2007 Final Report ]

Titled "The Development of a Sustainable Breeding Programme for the Irish Draught Horse" by Dr. Francis Kearney; Irish Cattle Breeding Federation.

Jan. 2007 RDS Press Release [ RDS Press Release ]

The RDS press release associated with
the study The Development of a Sustainable Breeding Programme for the Irish Draught Horse released in January, 2007

Feb 2006 McGahern Genetic IDHS Report [ McGahern Genetic IDHS Report ]

the "Report to The Irish Draught Horse Society, Ireland" prepared at the Animal Genomics Laboratory, School of Agriculture, Food Science and Veterinary Medicine, College of Life Sciences, University College Dublin, Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland; by Angela McGahern, Patrick Brophy, David MacHugh & Emmeline Hill and released in February of 2006

IDHS Breed Preservation Plan Interim Report from Dec 2005 [ IDHS Breed Conservation Plan Interim Report - Dec 2005 ]

IDHSNA Information and Papers

Frequency Of RID Sires 2016 [ Frequency Of RID Sires 2016 ]

Includes only approved for breeding horses, even those listed as deceased, who are registered with IDHSNA.

Frequency Of RID Mares 2016 [ Frequency Of RID Mares 2016 ]

Includes only approved for breeding horses, even those listed as deceased, who are registered with IDHSNA. The total for this report is 410 RIDs (78 RID Stallions, 270 RID (SID or AID) mares,
62 RID Geldings)

Purebreds Registered by Birth Year [ ID Registrations by Birth Year ]

Registered purebred Irish Draughts by birth year through 2014.

Registered Purebreds by Age [ Purebreds by Age 2016 ]

Purebred Irish Draughts and RIDs in IDHSNA Registry by age at the beginning of 2016. A total of 649 purebreds on record (including deceased). The 410 approved for breeding horses (RID) are re-listed as a separate column.

Cannon Bone Report 2012 [ 2012 Cannon Bone Report ]

An analysis of the relationship between height and cannon bone measurements and trends in the Irish Draught herd written by Chris Neher.

2010 IDHSNA Information Paper [ Position ]

This document includes a context for the Breeding Committee’s Position Paper as well as the complete Position Paper. If you only read one document, read this.

Horse Sport Ireland Breeding Policy for the Irish Draught Horse Studbook [ HSI IDH Studbook Policy ]

This is the final and now active document. Also available from the HSI website.

Horse Sport Ireland Rules and Practices Relating to the Irish Horse Register [ IHR Rules and Regulations ]

Further reading from HSI on rules for studbook inclusion.

Letter To Members - June 8, 2010 [ Letter to Membership - June 8, 2010 ]

This letter was mailed to all active IDHSNA Members on June 8, 2010.

Information from HSI

Irish Draught Linear Inspection Sheet [ Score Sheet ]

This sheet is used by HSI when inspecting Irish Draught stallions from 2010 forward.

Pre-Inspection X-Ray List [ X-Ray List ]

HSI Pre-Inspection Veterinary Screening X-ray listing for the examination of Stallions 2013.

Unsuitable Conditions [ Unsuitable Conditions ]

This document on unsuitable conditions for stallions or premium mares was provided by HSI and is dated Oct. 2011.