Member Services

Treasurer: Mary Hansen

175 Indian Creek Ln SE
Cedar Rapids, IA 52403
PH: 319-364-4924 / Contact Treasurer

Registrar & Member Services Coordinator: Lucy Stevenson

4617 Store Lane
Stevensville, MT 59870
PH: 406-540-2199 / Contact Registrar & Member Services Coordinator

Information Officer: Rachael Cox

HC65 Box 45
Pleasant Mount, PA 18453-9605
PH: 1-866-IDHSNA-1 / Contact Information Officer

Blarney Layout/Design: Josh Walker

PH: (571) 271-7954 / Contact Blarney Layout/Design

Blarney Co-Editors: Sarah Hooper & Christina Moutry

PH: 713-825-1287 Sarah / Contact Blarney Co-Editors

Website Services Lead: Karen Young

Contact Website Services Lead

Board of Directors - Officers

President: Fleur Bryan

1279 Bates Lane
Smithfield, KY 40068
PH: 502-649-2037 / Contact President

Vice-President: Elizabeth McFarland

260 Summer Ridge Road
Bozeman, MT 59715
PH: 406-585-9366 / Contact Vice-President

Executive Secretary: Ann Cummings

1615 SW Cozy Lane
Port Orchard, WA 98367
PH: 360-876-7392 / Contact Executive Secretary

Director At Large: Janeen Pasquill

6300 Van Rd.
Coloma, MI 49038
PH: 269-468-4015 / Contact Director At Large

Director At Large: Randy Rease

1616 Dee Hicks Rd
Altoona, AL 35952
PH: 205-359-0354 / Contact Director At Large

Director At Large: Karen Young

6400 Orchard Station Rd
Sebastopol, CA 95472
PH: 707-665-0848 / Contact Director At Large

Board of Directors - Regional Chairs

Central Region Chair: Susan Jensen

91 Flint Drive
Lake Barrington, IL 60010
PH: 847-754-7223 / Contact Central Region Chair

North East Region Chair: Ann Morss

4281 Huston Road
Geneseo, NY 14454
PH: 585-243-1892 / Contact North East Region Chair

North West Regional Chair: Jessica Walker

221 Maplewood Lane
Cocolalla, ID 83813
PH: 208-610-4869 / Contact North West Regional Chair

South Central Region Chair: Debbie Fullilove

4615 Gainsborough Dr.
Brookshire, TX 77423
PH: 281-346-2978 / Contact South Central Region Chair

South East Region Chair: Sue Rowdon

453 Ampthill Rd.
Cartersville, VA 23027
PH: 804-375-3498 / Contact South East Region Chair

South West Region Chair: Sandy Williams

PO Box 195
Smith, NV 89430
PH: 775-790-0889 / Contact South West Region Chair

IDHSNA Committees

VOLUNTEERS: If you are a member of the IDHSNA and would like to join

any committee, we would be happy to have you! Please contact your regional
chair OR our new volunteer coordinator, Susan Royal, as your first step toward volunteering.

Blarney Committee:

Members: Sarah Hooper (SCR), Christina Moutray (CR), Josh Walker (Designer)
Liaison: TBA
Contact Blarney Committee

Breeding Committee Chair: Jane Bynum (SER)

Rachael Cox (NER), Chris Neher (NWR), Sue Rowdon (SER), Karen Young (SWR)
Liaison: Karen Young (SWR)
Contact Breeding Committee Chair

Finance Committee Chair: Jim McGinty (SCR)

Members: Mary Hansen (CR)-as Treasurer non-voting, Paul Feemster (SER), Al Shapiro (CR), Frank Olivito (SER)
Contact Finance Committee Chair

Grievance Committee Chair: Chris Neher (NWR)

Members: Sue Holland (SER), Jody McManus (NER), Andrea Stetzer (CR)

Marketing Committee Chair: Open Position

Members: Susan Jensen, Jess Walker, Christina Moutray, Pat Jensen, Amara Packwood, Maggie Glynn

Nominating Committee:

2014 Members: Karen Downer (NE), Christine McCarter (SC), Lucinda Romero (SW)
Liaison: Karen Young (SW)
Contact emails may be found in News

Registration & Inspection Committee Chair: Debbie Feemster (SER)

Members: Margaret Reiland, Maggie Glynn, Bill Appel, Lester Murphy, Lisette Kramer
Liaison: Jess Walker (NWR)
Contact Registration & Inspection Committee Chair

Web Committee Chair: Open Position

Member: Karen Young (SWR)
Liaison: Karen Young (SWR)

Show Committee: Not formed for 2014

Year End Awards Committee Chair: Lyn Lindstrom (NWR)

Members: Kate Triplett (NWR), Amy Clemmons (SCR), Christina Moutray (CR), Karen Young (SWR)
Liaison: TBA
PH: 360-874-8887 / Contact Year End Awards Committee Chair